Tuesday, December 21, 2010

busy, busy...

I've been busy working on various projects. Here's a sample...

These are embossed vellum candle holders...

I made them for a Christmas party for the staff at the school where I work.
They were arranged 5 per table for a "star" effect. They turned out very pretty!

Along with the candles, I also made bookmark paper clips.
The tag reads "from 'OWL' of us!"...

They were made using the Stampin' UP! 2-step owl punch (#118074).
This punch is sooooo versatile!

Ahh...on to Christmas cards!

These were made using the Stampin' UP! 2-step bird punch (#117191).
Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with birds!

A friend of mine always has me make her Christmas cards each year...
Here's this year's card:

I really need to start taking pictures with my camera, not my Blackberry!

I also made gifts for the secretaries/principals at school. My mom sent me this idea she found on the internet (I'll give credit as soon as I find out who she got the idea from!). I used the Stampin UP! clear-mount stamp cases (#119105) and added notepads (I had to cut these down), mechanical pencils, and more owl bookmark/paperclips! I used double sided paper and ribbon to bling them out! Handy and cute!

Sorry for the camera...again!

Off to go create more!

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  1. These projects are awesome! I love the votive vellum holders. I will have to case that too. I'll be linking to this blog too, so heads up! Keep up the good work! Your in a good start!