Monday, April 11, 2011

pop top goodies cans

This is a great idea for surprise goodies cans...

I use these as give-aways for anyone who hosts a workshop.
When the top of the can is "popped" the hostess can receive
a free gift... a stamp, embellishments, or even a certificate 
for free shipping, a stamp pad, etc.

These could also be a cute idea for a party or as a gift.

Start with any "pop top" can...
I like the little ones the best, but larger
(soup) cans work just the same.

Use a can opener that cuts around the outside of the 
can rather than inside... the kind that doesn't leave
sharp edges.  Oxo makes a good one that you
can get pretty much anywhere.

Make sure you cut the bottom off, not the top!

Empty contents out of the can, take off the label, and 
clean the inside well.  Fill your can with your goodies
and glue the bottom back on... I've found a good white 
glue works just fine.  Let dry.

Decorate the outside with DSP and ribbon.

What do you think?

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