Saturday, May 28, 2011

wild animal kingdom

I was playing in my craft room,
which is located on our first floor in the front of our house.
I happened to glance out the window, and this is what I found...

She got up and took a walk down the driveway... so I went out and followed her!

She had no problem with posing for me!
I walked right up to her!

I'm starting to feel like we live in the middle of wild animal kingdom!

The strangest part is that we live right in the middle of the city!  
Our house is situated in behind other houses and our acre property is 
completely surrounded by trees.  We bought this house because we felt 
like we were in the middle of nowhere, yet all the restaurants and 
shopping you could imagine is less than a mile away!  

However, you would never know with all the wildlife around us!

I put the camera away... back to crafting!

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