Monday, March 5, 2012

craft room withdrawal

The movers came...and packed.

My poor little craft room looked so sad and empty.

They loaded up and moved everything to Chicago...and into storage.

I have a great new room...even bigger than the old one! But it's not mine for another week!

I miss my stuff! I have a few crafty toys to get me by, but it's not the same as having my room to play in. I'm sure housekeeping here at the hotel thinks we've lost our minds. If you could only see all the stuff crammed in here!

Here's a peek at my new room. ONE. MORE. WEEK.

And here's the wallpaper I've ordered for my new room from Anthropologie! Yippee!

I found this fabulous wall unit at Ikea that I think I "need". It's a perfect place to store all of my stamps and toys and even has a place for my tv.

Let the countdown begin!

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