Wednesday, May 2, 2012

draw something

For those of you who are iPhone or iPad HAVE to download and play "draw something" addictive! It's like Pictionary, only you can play one word at a time, at your own pace.  For each word you guess/draw correctly, you earn coins which can be used to buy more colors.

My husband has been suckered into this game now as well.  His word was "wedding".  Now, if I had that word, I would probably draw a bride and a groom with a church, right?  Here was his drawing...

You wouldn't be able to make the connection unless you saw where we got married (in the Dominican Republic)...

Look familiar?  I think it's too cute how he automatically thought of this scene when trying to draw the word.  Love!

If you want to play with me, my name, of course, is "Blinging Home the Bacon"!

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