Friday, September 21, 2012

resolution and a knot bag

So is it too late, or maybe too early, for a New Year's resolution? Mine. Is. To. Blog.

I've been so bad. Where has the summer gone? We've had a lot of craziness since move to Chicago and trying to get settled into life here. It's just so amazing how the days seem to melt away...I always have good intentions to post, and then I forget. I promise to try to be better!

This week I've been sewing little bags that are available in my Etsy shop! My initial intent was to make project bags for knitting (I love keeping my knitting projects organized in project bags).

These are Japanese knot bags. One handle is taller than the's meant to slip into the other and form a closure to the bag.

They are great to hold a skein or two of yarn and your needles. They would also be great as a craft bag to hold small goodies, for cosmetics, or even as a little wristlet purse. The possibilities are endless!

The bottom of the bag is flat...this allows it to stand on its own.

Another added bonus is that the bag is fully, huh?!

You NEED one!

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