Saturday, February 12, 2011

can't sleep... thanks, MDS!

I should have been asleep hours ago!  
But, thanks to My Digital Studio, I can't seem to put the computer down!  
It's like a dream come true to be able to lie in bed and "scrap"!  
Who wouldn't want this program?!

Another wedding trip page...

The best part about this program is the immediate availability.
If I'm working on a page, like this one, and I need, say, a
different embellishment (other than the bunch they've already
put in the program), then I can just log onto the Stampin' Up!'
Website and a few minutes later, it's downloaded on my
computer!  I wanted to use something different here, so the
 next thing I know, I was the proud owner of the digital
rhinestones and pearls!  I'm very much a minimalist when it
comes to scrapbooking, and the pearls on this page just added
the right little "something extra".

If I get another page in before my eyes seal shut, I'll be sure to post!

Have a fabulous evening, er, morning!

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