Thursday, February 10, 2011

shout outs

This is a shout out to Samantha Ovitt from Bakersfield, Vermont!!!
Samantha left me a comment on my "Snail Mail" post and she'll 
be receiving a free card in the mail from me!  I didn't post her
comment because she left her address in the comment box
and I didn't think she'd want me to share that with the world!

She said:

"I love the internet and the ability to stay in touch with my siblings who all live in different states. However, receiving snail mail somehow warms the heart like nothing else ... especially when it is handmade and from the heart. I try to remember that and take a moment to put a smile on someone's face and a little warmth in their heart."

How nice!
Would you like me to send you a free card, too?
Leave me a comment and tell me why, then email me your address
and I'll drop a handmade card in the mail especially for you!

Thanks, Samantha!  Your card will go in the mail on Saturday!

My other shout out is to my awesome upline, Kay...
I loved her tutorials so much, I became a
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!
She is so sweet and inspiring!

Thanks, Kay!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for the Shout Out, Heather! You are as sweet as can be! I also would love to add on toyour Snail Mail post. As much as I would love to hear from anyone by phone or email, I would still love to receive cards in the mail because it gives that certain warmth in my heart. It also give me a pleasure to see that happy glow on others when I send them a little something or a card. Isn't that a wonderful moment? PRECIOUS!